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KAABO Wolf Warrior 11 GT

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"Fate whispers to the warrior, ‘You can not withstand the storm.’
The warrior whispers back, ‘I am the storm."
  ~ Jake Remington ~

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 remains on top as the world’s favourite high-performance electric scooter. 2021 sees the Warrior supercharged with cutting edge features further transforming it into an exceptional machine.

Arise the Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT!

The Wolf Warrior GT follows form with the King sporting a large full colour TFT display, front & rear turn signals, brand new controllers, larger 21700 battery cells, an IPX5 water resistance rating, puncture proof tyres and more.

The Wolf Warrior GT is outfitted with a full colour ultra bright 3.5" display powered by Kaabo's own custom software.  This sleek new addition is mounted in the centre of the handlebars and displays everything you need to know such as speed, battery life, trip, power mode, time and more. 

Kaabo’s Wolf scooters are always ahead of the game when it comes to innovation. They have had some of brightest headlights in all the world, but now they’ve added front and rear turn signals as well! Know your motor mode at a glance with new built in LEDs that light up clearly - no more guessing games here folks. The Wolf Warrior GT has got you covered from every angle possible (except underwater).

Mounted between the front stem poles is a new ECU box designed for the GT Series.  It houses the controllers and other electrical components helping keep them safe from water while also freeing up room in your deck to accommodate an even bigger battery! Air-cooling vents make sure that you can ride at full throttle without your electrics getting all hot and bothered. 

With this new ECU box design Kaabo’s Wolf GT models now boast an IPX5 water resistance rating. This means that the scooter is protected against low pressure water jets from any direction. So you no longer have to worry if you get caught out in the rain or accidentally ride over a small puddle. Keep in mind you should always avoid riding in wet conditions as this can be extremely dangerous.

The Kaabo Wolf GT Series has upgraded to the larger 21700 battery cells which provide greater output and runtime. Also, why not cut your charge time in half? The two chargers supplied with the Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT will do that for you.

The Wolves in the Kaabo pack have always led the the way in ride and comfort. Now both scooters in the GT Series come fitted with puncture, tubeless off-road tyres so you can ride with confidence on any terrain.

Top that all that off with a rugged motocross inspired design, super bright headlights, full hydraulic brakes and more. 

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT is true champion that doesn't disappoint. 
**The Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT electric scooter is intended strictly for off-road private property use only**