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The Nissan Leaf is available to buy from IonDNA, Australia's first EV dealership. But what do I need to know before I consider driving one away? In this guide, we are going to run through some of the things you should know - starting with range.

Where can I buy a Nissan Leaf in Canberra?

Here at IonDNA, with our team of experienced motor specialists, we were early entrants to the Australian alternative vehicle market. With a focus across multiple modes of transport, we stock Nissan Leaf from our Canberra showroom, as we have seen the consistency and reliability of their products and haven't been let down by them yet. If you would like to test drive a Nissan Leaf or kick the tyres, pop down for a coffee and discover why this could be your next set of wheels.  

What is the Nissan Leaf range?

Within the Nissan Leaf range available from our EV dealership in Canberra, there are 4 key models to consider. Click the Leaf model you want to know more about to see our key facts on one of the fastest growing electric car models in Australia.

24KW Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf for sale Australia

The 24KW Nissan Leaf is a dynamic entry level EV that is capable of 0-100 in under 9 seconds. This acceleration makes it an ideal second car that is ideally suited for nipping in and out of the traffic for city driving and commuting to work. With up to 130km of range, you can quickly recharge the Nissan Leaf in 30 minutes, or back home for more convenience after a day of driving around Canberra, ACT. With a boot-load of features, this alternative to combustion engine cars, makes the Nissan Leaf potentially a great investment.

30KW Nissan Leaf

Buy the Nissan Leaf 30kw Canberra

The 30KW Leaf confidently builds on the 24KW model. An ideal car for urban journeys, the 30KW boasts a range of 180 kilometres per charge. Packed with driver assist technology and luxuries such as climate control, heated seats and a reversing camera as standard - the drivability of this versatile car is hard to ignore. 

When it comes to charging, tests showed 0-80% in under 45 minutes using a 50Kw fast charger, or if you have space on the drive, plug into a home charge point for a full refresh. 

The ZE1 Nissan Leaf

 Buy the Nissan Leaf ZE1

The ZE1 or Zero Emissions One model from the Nissan Leaf line, is a 40KW powertrain model, which is capable, practical and efficient. The ZE1 runs 0-100 km/h in 7.9 seconds and is balanced with 320 NM of torque.

Built for impressive performance and comfort, the Leaf ZE1 opens the door to 270km of driving range. You have the option of conveniently charging at home, or connecting for mid journey top-ups with the ultra fast network of remote charging locations. 

The ZE1 sports the features you have come to expect with Nissan driving technology, along with advanced driver assist technology, such as ProPilot, e-pedal and programmable regenerative braking. 

The ZE1 is without doubt an excellent all-round driving choice.

The Nissan E+

 E Plus Nissan Leaf E+

The E+ is a remarkable new stable mate, in the Leaf line. Plug in, charge up and experience the unrivaled power, performance and freedom that only the Leaf E+ can bring. Sleek lines, aerodynamic design, powerful performance and impressive efficiency, seamlessly combine to showcase why Nissan Leaf is the world's best selling electric car. 

A spacious cabin and driver-centric design, class leading passenger comfort and 340 NM of torque. Fully integrated ProPILOT and single pedal driving, backed up by a swathe of impressive additional features. With a 62 KW battery and a range of 360Km, when it's time to hit the road, the E+ won't let you down.

What features does the Nissan Leaf have?

When you see a Nissan Leaf review, you may hear mention a number of options or improvements that other vehicles don't carry. Here's a quick glossary of what those mean:

  • ProPILOT
  • e-Pedal
  • Regenerative Braking

What is ProPILOT?

ProPILOT is an advanced LIDAR and GPS assisted autonomous driving feature that a host of Nissan Leaf models already employ. It was designed for highway or motorway use in single lane traffic and has the capacity to understand driving conditions and able to support safer transportation. 

ProPILOT is Nissan's version of self-driving cars. 

What is e-Pedal?

E-Pedal is all about making driving more accessible to all users. With e-Pedal the driver is able to control, acceleration, deceleration, starting and stopping all by using the accelerator pedal. While this may sound confusing at first, the feature has been adapted to make life easier for all Leaf drivers no matter their age or physical abilities. 

For those drivers who suffer pain in certain ranges of motion, e-Pedal may be the user friendly driving adaption you have been looking for.

What is Nissan Leaf's Regenerative Braking?

Regenerative braking is all about improving vehicle range and power efficiency. When a conventional vehicle brakes, inertia begins to overcome the car and significant energy is lost, requiring the car to accelerate back up. With Nissan Leaf's regenerative braking, the kinetic energy built up from braking is harnessed to bring the vehicle back up to a cruising speed once more.

Clever engineering that needs to be seen to be understood.

Where can I find your Nissan Leaf dealership in Canberra?

Our showroom in Canberra, is located in Fyshwick and we are open 6 days a week. You can pop down without an appointment and one of our passionate team members will only be too happy to talk you through the Nissan Leaf range, or any other model that takes your fancy.


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