Volkswagen e-Golf

A New Day Has Dawned

The Volkswagen e-Golf first electrified roads in 2014 as VWs first foray into the electric family hatchback arena. Combining the much-loved practicality and zest of driving a Golf with the cutting-edge allure of electric power, quickly becoming a cult favorite amongst the traditional VW Golf faithful.


The e-Golf cleverly blends its electric heart with the classic Mk7 Golf's soul, offering an up-to-285km of adventure on a single charge. Positioning it as a formidable competitor in the electric city car market alongside the Honda-e and Mini.  

Delivering a 35.8kWh battery with a 134bhp electric motor, the e-Golf whispers rather than roars into the future, fitted neatly into the VW cult hatchback style.

It's the Golf you know and love, reimagined with an eco-friendly twist subtly sporting its e-credentials through a dash of blue trim throughout the cockpit, stylish closed grille and sleek aerodynamic wheels.

The e-Golf is an outstanding example of electric performance offering crisp handling, smooth comfort and effortlessly cruising at highway speeds. Luxury and tech in an impressive electric package.

Packing a punch in a single trim level the e-Golf has all the tech and driver centric features you have come to expect.

Ion DNA - The EV Experts are pleased to the offer exceptional quality pre-owned 2017-2021 Volkswagen e-Golf to our Canberra, Illawarra and Sydney clients and via direct delivery Nationwide.


Break free from moments of the past and take charge of the future today!




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