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What is an e-Scooter?

Electric Scooters, or e-Scooters, are the modern take on a self-propelled two-wheeled scooter. e-scooters have gained huge notoriety in part due to the increasingly  popularity of public ride-share e-scooter networks around the world.  
We stock an impressive selection of commuter and performance e-scooters with varying features, capabilities and range capacities. Our Electric Scooters can easily be charged at home, work or on the move.  The low power consumption, ease of use and portability of e-scooters and e-boards make them a stand out choice in your quest for an alternative mode of transport or thrill seeking adrenaline machine. 

What types of Scooters are there?

There is a wide range of electric scooters and kick scooters available to buy, with their build and focus varying depending on need. These include but are not limited to:
  • Fat Tyre kick scooters
  • Razor style kick and trick scooters
  • 2 Wheel Electric Scooters
  • 3 Wheel Electric Scooters
  • Convertible seated Electric Scooters
  • Self-Balancing Scooters
  • Commuter e-scooters
  • Performance Electric Scooters
  • Foldable e-Scooters
  • Off-Road e-Scooters

The types and practical uses are evolving constantly as the world continues to look for more sustainable and cost effective forms of personal transport and in the development of new sports and off-road pursuits .

At ION DNA Electric Vehicles, we love electric scooters. We are Canberra's premiere commuter and performance e-scooter specialists. Electric Scooters are great for so many needs and above all, they're absolutely addictive and heaps of fun.

Where can I buy an E-Scooter in Australia?

Our EV dealership in Canberra, ACT, offers a curated collection of e-scooters to buy. We aim to offer a range of brands and names, from affordable to high performance. Including names such as Kaabo and E-Glide.

What is the best E-Scooter brand?

The best e-Scooter brand will vary depending on you. What you want to use it for and what features you may value most. If you are looking for a low cost entry ride it's likely that the best brand of e-Scooter will significantly differ from the something on the other end of the scale that is more hard core and intended to get your pulse racing. Keep an eye out for our regular reviews on our e-scooters and electric skateboards to learn more. 

Are E-Scooters legal in Australia?

E-Scooters or personal electric vehicles (PEV) are legal in Australia, which is why you see them appearing more on the roads around a town near you. However, it is important to note that the public use of PEV's is limited or banned in some Australian states and territories. 
Following an initial public e-scooter trial in 2019, the Australian Capital Territory legislated the legal use of PEV's in Canberra. E-scooters can now be used in the ACT. They provide a healthy and affordable travel choice.

Just as if you were driving a car or riding a motorcycle, road rules apply to riding on the road or road related area so please be aware and take responsibility!

Further information regarding the legal use of Electric Scooter and Electric Skateboards (PEV) in Canberra ACT. Can be found here 

Are E-Scooters safe?

As with any mode of transport, their use is not without risk to the rider if basic safety precautions are not taken. From not wearing a helmet and safety gear to riding after consuming alcohol to not paying due care and attention when using your scooter - risks are likely to be increased. If you would like some help and guidance as to how to ride safer when buying an e-scooter, our Fyshwick showroom team would be only too happy to help. We also have a number of guides, instructional videos and references to provide you with ongoing support. 
The safer we all use e-scooters, the more people will consider them as an alternative to fossil fuel burning cars for short commutes, adventure trips the better for the environment and us all.

How old do I have to be to ride an Electric Scooter?

To ride an electric scooter, you can start from the age of 12, however, those between 12 and 16 should only do so when accompanied by a supervising adult.