What is the best e-scooter for me?

With multiple options on the market, are you scratching your head wondering what e-scooter might be the best one for you? We put three of our favourite models by popular brands to the test!

 Over the span of 9 Kilometres, we tested the e-Glide G60, Unagi E450 Model One and Kaabo's Mantis 10 pro on their overall performance and endurance whilst travelling on paths with varying consistencies, hills, bumps, tight corners and importantly tested out the scooters' brake responses in all these variations of terrain to see how well they perform in generally and the event of an emergency stop on an imperfect surface.

 As you can see in the table, there are clear differences in the ride quality of each of these e-scooters when they were compared with these variables. What we concluded was that both the e-Glide G60 and the Unagi E450 Model One are best utilised for getting around town and otherwise short trips on paths and roads you are familiar with. That is after all what these lighter in weight and suspension types of e-scooter are built for. Whereas the Mantis 10 pro is ideal for anything but is best utilised in a sporting, adventure or cross country environment where you can get the most out of its features.

There are distinct differences in types and stamina of e-scooters and each of them are built for purpose. 

 ION DNA have a wide range of brands and models to suit your individual needs including the ones discussed in this article and we are more than happy to help you decide on one that works best for you whether it be for heading into work, town, shops, a leisure ride or a reliable mount to take you to the top in your e-scooter sporting career!