SEE-Change Go Electric!



Fostering Sustainability in Canberra's Community 

SEE-Change, a grassroots sustainability organisation based in Canberra, has been at the forefront of promoting environmental awareness and action in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) since its inception in 2008. 

With a focus on making beneficial changes to Society, Environment, and Economy (SEE), this community-driven organisation has become an integral part of Canberra's sustainability landscape. Founded on the principle of local action for global impact, SEE-Change has grown from a small group of passionate volunteers to a well-established organisation with a significant presence in the ACT. 

The organisation's unique approach involves delivering sustainability information, activities, and programs through volunteer-led groups, ensuring a strong connection with the local community. 

SEE-Change's initiatives include Sustainable House Tours, The Canberra Electric Bike Library, Roving Regenerators, Community Toolbox Canberra, Repair and Mending Cafes, also providing support for multiple dedicated groups across the region.

Since early 2023, SEE-Change has seen significant development with the appointment of Paula Mance as its Executive Director. Paula's leadership has been instrumental in expanding the organisation's reach and impact. Her vision and dedication have brought new energy to SEE-Change, ensuring that the organisation continues to thrive and innovate. 

SEE-Change: Fostering Sustainability in Canberra's Community 

The addition of the Peugeot e-Expert electric van marks a significant milestone for SEE-Change, enhancing its operational efficiency and reinforcing its commitment to sustainability. With this new vehicle, SEE-Change is better equipped to serve the Canberra community, support the ACT government's environmental initiatives, and continue its mission of fostering a fair and sustainable future through community connection and action. 

By integrating advanced electric mobility into its operations, SEE-Change not only improves its logistical capabilities but also sets a powerful example of environmental stewardship for the community it serves. 

SEE-Change's impact on the Canberra community is profound. The organisation not only educates and inspires residents but also provides practical tools and resources to help them live more sustainably through: 

Active travel initiatives: Promoting cycling and other sustainable transportation methods. 

Waste reduction programs: Offering tips and resources for reducing waste, especially during festive seasons. 

Sustainability mapping: Creating a comprehensive resource of sustainability-focused organizations and activities in Canberra. 

Youth engagement: Organizing events like the Future Film Festival to involve young people in sustainability efforts. 

Sustainable living resources: Providing information on creating eco-friendly, comfortable, and affordable living spaces.  

SEE-Change is poised to continue its important work in fostering a fair and sustainable Canberra through community connection and action but cannot continue to do this without much needed support. 

Additionally, SEE-Change has been involved in cultural learning initiatives, such as a project led by Ngunnawal elder Wally Bell, fostering a deeper understanding of indigenous perspectives on sustainability. 

Despite its significant contributions, SEE-Change, along with other environmental groups in the ACT, have recently called for increased funding to better meet the challenges posed by the climate crisis. Paula has 

previously highlighted that insufficient resources have led to the organisation having to turn away volunteers, limiting their potential impact. 

As Canberra continues to strive for a more sustainable future, SEE-Change remains a vital organisation, connecting communities, promoting eco-friendly practices, and supporting the ACT government's environmental initiatives. 

SEE-Change is poised to continue its important work in fostering a fair and sustainable Canberra through community connection and action but cannot continue to do this without much needed support. 

If you would like to donate, volunteer or find out more about this amazing organisation please visit See-Change