Did you know?

Oof, that doesn’t sound good does it! Nearly half, really? Yep … its true. And why? Because most folks in that statistic were not wearing a helmet!!!
I think it’s safe to say we’ve all done it. Jumped on some kind of wheeled contraption and taken it for a quick spin or ducked around the corner to the shops. Without a helmet. What’s the problem, it’s just around the corner, right? Yeah no … and yeah no, more than ever!
The last 18 months has seen us change the way we move. Our paths are filled with people getting out when and however they can. And, good ole fashioned cars are now sharing the roads with people walking, running, riding, skating, scooting, and skipping … yes, I seen a lady skipping down our normally busy dual lane road with a skipping rope today!
Helmets are not always something we think about as a necessity. And those crusty helmets attached to those ride-share scooters are yeah … yuck! Heck, I remember the days when I used to ride my horses safe in the comfort that my hat would keep me sorted.
Ill never forget the first time I really appreciated the benefits of a good helmet in a situation where I never thought I would. Roller derby training, not a game, training! I flew around the obstacle course and over ramps at breakneck speed. On the final stretch, I lost my stride and hit that floor so darn hard it thought my jaw had without a doubt snapped in half, pieced my brain, and left me with an incredibly serious disfiguring ambulance qualifying injury. If it wasn’t for my helmet, I have not doubt it just might have.
Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always worn helmets for the serious stuff, equine eventing competitions, commuting on my bike and for the many mad adventures on our dirt bikes. But that’s just kit right? It’s what you do!
Hang on, electric scooters are serious stuff too and should be approached in the same way. The uptake of electric scooters in Canberra and our surrounds is massive. The rules governing their use allow us to travel at a reasonable speed on our footpaths, trails and streets and openly embrace the new-found freedom our scooters bring … woot! However, with this comes an ever-increasing risk of serious injury and even death.
Helmets are not only an essential piece of kit to use with our e-scooters but it is also a legal requirement that we do so. For your safety and wellbeing and that of others. Take a look at the helmet you’ve got, check its age, condition and certification and, if it all stacks up, pop it on your head! Whether it be to ride your scooter or to take advantage of one of the rental dentals. Rental dental because the lack of suspension in those marines will surely vibrate your teeth clean out of your mouth 😊
You can easily stow a helmet in your backpack if you’re a regular, that way you don’t have to place one of those thangs on your precious thinker. Quite frankly I wouldn’t want that nasty on my hair eeep.
Like there are different types of e-scooters there are different types of helmets. We stock of range of high quality, certified helmets from Triple 8, Gain Protection and Bell. We have everything from serious full-face protection right through to dual certified helmets for the kids.
Whether you’re taking your performance mount off-road, kicking back on your commuter or looking to upgrade your current gear. Visit our online store or call us (02) 6185 7111 to find out more about our brands and kit yourself up today. Zero contact “click & collect” and Free local same day delivery*
Ill be doing a more in-depth blog post on different types of helmets and safety gear in the coming days. Keep an eye out if you’re interested in finding out the finite nitty gritty of all thing’s protection for e-scooter riders.
Stay safe, wear a helmet … and wear a mask!
J x
*conditions apply*