ACT adds zero-interest loans for EVs to the Sustainable Household Scheme

The ACT Government announced today that residents can now purchase a new or used electric vehicle with a zero-interest loan of between $2,000 and $15,000. The Sustainable Household Scheme officially launched in September, supporting energy-efficient upgrades like rooftop solar, electric cooling systems, cook tops, and by now adding electric vehicles (EVs) is sure to get lots of attention.

The upfront cost of electric vehicles is one of the biggest hurdles to get past, even for those who are ready to switch and keen to take advantage of the dramatically reduced ongoing costs of running an EV.

The new scheme will be exclusively administered by leading green financier Brighte.

ACT residents will be able to purchase new and used electric vehicles from three accredited providers including IonDNA, the Good Car Company and National Capital Motors, while other dealers in the territory will be added over time.

Katherine McConnell, CEO and Founder of Brighte, says adding EVs to the scheme is a great next step by the ACT Government to support the nation’s efforts to electrify everything at a household level.

“Between the energy we use to run our homes and the petrol we need for our cars, Australian households generate a sizeable 33.5% of our country’s total emissions. The key to reducing the carbon emitted from our homes is to go electric: from our stoves to our air conditioners, water heating and especially our cars. 

“Electric vehicles are the future: they have a huge role to play in the race to net zero and they can be powered from renewable sources such as solar. 

“Next year we will be offering EV finance in other states and territories for Australians across the nation to own an EV and drive the clean energy revolution.

“What we’re seeing now is a re-imagining of the great Aussie dream. It’s not just the house on a quarter acre block with the Hills Hoist and a barbeque in the backyard. It’s an electrified house with solar on the roof, an absent gas meter and an EV in the garage — a house run by the sun.

“With already 2,000 people registering their interest to purchase an EV, I have no doubt the ACT will lead the way to become a territory of zero-emission vehicles and homes.” 

Katherine McConnell, CEO and Founder of Brighte

Customers can visit to access accredited providers and purchase an EV through the scheme. To be eligible for the purchase, customers must reside in the ACT, have an ACT Driver’s Licence and the price of the vehicle must be under the luxury car tax threshold. 

Original Article published 6 December 2021

Jason Cartwright